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Emeralds are the Most Expensive gemstone in the World.


One thing that most people know is that emeralds are a major gemstone and that they are expensive.  That’s largely because emeralds are a type of the mineral beryl and they are rare. They come in varying shades of green.


It is chromium, vanadium or iron elements in the stone which make that lovely green colour. On the Moh’s scale of hardness where the hardest is diamond at 10, emerald comes in around 7.5.  So it is reasonably hard but rubies and sapphires come in harder around 9.


Where are they found?


Emeralds are found in India, South Africa, Russia, Pakistan and some small deposits in the USA.  The most important emeralds come from Columbia.


Just how expensive is emerald?

Well, if you get any other gemstone of the same weight as an emerald, chances are most likely that the emerald will be the most expensive.  So in that sense it is the most expensive gemstone in the world.


What should I know about emeralds?


One thing you should know is that emeralds often have lots of inclusions or imperfections inside them and the outer surface is often not perfect like a diamond.  In order to make enhance the stone most emeralds are oiled after they have been cut.  Sometimes emeralds have cracks in them which are filled with resin.  These treatments have been used for longer than you have been alive and they are accepted as standard practice in the jewellery industry.  Generally, you will be told by the seller of the stones treatments.  Certainly you should ask if this is the case.


Are there Synthetic Emeralds?


Yes most definitely.  In fact most of the emeralds you will see in the lower end to moderate end of jewellery in shops will be created emerald.  It is cheap and beautiful and the only reason you shouldn’t buy it is if you love emeralds and you want and can afford real natural emerald gems.


How do I know which is a good emerald?


Think about all gemstones that you purchase in the same way:

Weight, colour, clarity and brilliance.  When these qualities increase then the stone gets more expensive and its price will increase. So in simple terms a small, dull emerald with not much life to it is going to be cheap and not worth much.  On the other hand, a large, vibrant, clear looking but beautiful green emerald that make you gasp is going to cost a lot and be worth it perhaps!


My advice is that if you a re looking to buy a natural emerald for that special piece of jewelry and are gong to pay well for it then buy from someone that you feel you can trust.  Talk to the gemologist or jewellery and several would be better than one.  Do some research by books and the internet about the stone.  This will not only help you chose the right one for you but it will add some valuable interest to your purchase. Emerald is the birthstone for May. But I still love opal jewelry best of all!


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